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How to customize Suction cups

Products information communicate. Drawing and requirements confirmed with customer

Mold Making

Start mold manufacturing. The raw material for samples will be also prepared in the meantime.

Samples Testing

Customer can test suction cups after receive it. Any improvement can be achieved after got customer’s feedback.

Mass Production

Arrange production strictly according to the samples confirmed by customer. Delivery to customer by express all over the world.

The type of material you can choose

Natural Rubber
NR rubber suction cups have high tensile strength and tear strength, are not resistant to cracking, and have good insulation properties.


For suction cups that require contact with oil, it is best to use NBR. NBR has a relatively low volume resistance and is a semiconductor rubber material having antistatic properties.


It is a highly saturated elastomer obtained by special hydrotreating of nitrile rubber. It has high temperature resistance of 130-180 ° C, cold resistance of -55 ~ -38 ° C and excellent mechanical properties, high strength and high tear. It is one of the rubbers with excellent comprehensive performance due to its excellent cracking performance and wear resistance.


Silicone suction cups are brightly colored, safe and environmentally friendly, and can be in direct contact with food and skin. They are highly resistant to biological aging, have no rejection reaction with animals, and have good anticoagulant properties. They are especially suitable for medical products.


It has high flexibility, resilience, mechanical strength and oxidative stability relative to other rubbers. At the same time, it has excellent oil resistance, water resistance and fire resistance. Wide range of use


VITON has high chemical stability and is the best medium resistance of all elastomers. The viton suction cup has excellent high temperature resistance and can work for a long time at 300 ° C. It is also suitable for strong acid and alkali environments.

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Fastest 48 hours for mold making and samples’ production


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1 V 1 Service

1V 1 Private Manager,follow whole process.