The post-treatment technology referred to using some physical and chemical methods to improve the performance of the product and extend its service life.

Heat treatment

Practice has shown that the heat treatment for some rubber suction cups in a hot air medium can stabilize the physical and mechanical properties, making the cross-linking structure more perfect, eliminate the internal stress generated by the molding vulcanization. And it can greatly reduce the compression permanent deformation and improve the service life. For example, a product such as silicone rubber, fluororubber, acrylate rubber can be subjected to secondary vulcanization. In addition, some medium-resistant suction cups can be heat-passivated in some media to improve their dielectric properties.

  1. Surface chemical treatment

For some suction cups, surface halogen treatment can improves its surface hardness, it will not affect the elasticity and strength of the whole material, but improves its service life. Halogenation treatment with chlorination solution, preparation of aqueous solution with 24% chlorine water and hydrochloric acid, rinsing the suction cup, chlorination in chlorination for a certain period of time, neutralization with sodium chlorate, and wash it with water to make it clean and then put in the oven to dry.

  1. Surface coating

The surface coating of the suction cup are designed to improve its surface properties. Such as improve the lifting unsaturated rubber resistant to ozone and weathering resistance; Polyurethane coating can lift the weather resistance and oil resistance of isoprene rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber; polytetrafluoroethylene polyimide coating can firmly reduce the static and dynamic friction coefficient of the rubber product. The coating can be carried out by electrostatic spraying, immersion film formation, filming, osmosis film formation, etc.

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